About us

Marian Maurer

The inspiration of a lifetime: growing up and now living in New York City. Its layers of people, textures, colors, sounds — this is captured in our pieces. The sum greater than its parts. The early morning subtlety of the finish, a mob of granulation coming together and drawing apart, a happy accident, quiet in the storm, a familiar face in the crowd.

Marian Maurer jewelry came into being from my love of jewelry and of creating things with my hands. Our business has grown steadily this past decade, and we are now sold in stores across the US, as well as Canada and the UK. All of our pieces are made in our studio in Brooklyn, New York, from recycled gold and ethically sourced gemstones.

In this age of computer driven design and manufacture, our jewelry stands out for being handmade by folks who truly care about who will be wearing it. There is something about a handmade piece, perhaps the little asymmetries, that is warm and inviting and personal.

Our aesthetic reflects a simple, down to earth style. Our jewelry is designed and made to be worn every day. On its own, paired with a macrame bracelet your kid made for you, or along side an over the top piece: our jewelry is at home.

Marian Maurer the brain trust